Welcome to our sauna selection at the Sterling, Virginia location of The Somerville Bath & Kitchen Store! We offer over 230 products from controls to accessories to generators. You may use this site to create your own tailored wish list of favorite products! You can search by color: black, brass, bronze, chromes, gold, nickel and more. Or, you can search by brand: Kohler or Steamist. We work with only the best brands to deliver the most quality and valuable products out there.


Once you've marked a few items on your wish list, visit us in store! Our staff is highly trained to answer all of your questions and help you select the perfect products for your needs. Since our parent company was founded in 1861, we have strictly run on the philosophy of superior customer service and value. We thank you for choosing The Somerville Bath & Kitchen Store for your upgrade, remodel or bathroom rejuvenation needs!


The Somerville Bath & Kitchen Stores are family-owned and operated locally. We're different because we're not a big chain warehouse, we're a showroom! You get to see your options side-by-side, displayed and merchandised. During your visit in one of our nine locations, you will talk to an expert that has experience in the industry, not just another customer service representative.


Bathroom products are meant to last your lifetime (or until your next renovation bug hits!). With The Somerville Bath & Kitchen Store, you get better quality products with warranties. We always follow the manufacturer's guidelines, with an added layer of satisfaction guaranteed through our customer service team. That means, you've thought about your home today, but also years to come.


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